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PickAForum.com is a free forum host that believes that customer satisfaction is the key to success in the business world. That is why we have created a website for you, the user, to have your very own forum hosted 100% free on our servers. All it requires is a 20 second sign up. Currently, we provide two free forums for you to choose from. They are an Invision Power Board version 1.3.1 and a phpBB forum. Just go to our Create A Forum page to start your own forum! To take advantage of our 100% free support, you may click here or click on the link in our top menu. We hope you enjoy using PickAForum.com! Have fun with your new forum!

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Basic Plan Freedom Plan
No Domain Included FREE Domain!
Over 50 Skins to choose from Upload your own skins yourself!
Extremely Limited Mods As many Mods/Skins as you want!
Shared Space 50mb of your own Web Space!
Shares Bandwidth 250mb of your own Bandwidth!
Search Engine Friendly Archives Add your own site to Search Engines!
40+ Languages Supported Unlimited Language Pack Uploads!
Weekly Backups Daily Backups!
Access to Support Forum Access to Support Forum Freedom Area
24/7 Tech/Customer Support 24/7 Tech/Customer Support
Limited Mods and Skins Support Unlimited Mod/Skin Support!
Ad Supported Have no ads or your own ads!
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Our Goals

  • Our main goal at PickAForum.com is to satisfy our customers to the fullest extent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That is why our support forums are always open to help you with your troubles.
  • In the near future, every so often we will be putting in an update to the forums. Whether it be a new feature to choose from or another skin for your board, you will be notified first!
  • Another one of our main goals is to provide anyone and everyone free forum hosting on our dedicated servers all the time. We will protect and serve each user and make sure that you are satisfied with your forum.

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